Tax Return Preparation

Ambit has a ready team of tax professionals who can assist you to prepare your taxes on software of your choice

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We Provide Federal & State Tax Solutions

We ensure compliance with USA Federal & State Tax laws while providing accurate and timely tax preparation services to our clients. In addition to individual Tax returns, we specialize in Partnership Tax, Small Corporation Tax, Corporation Tax, Non-Profit, Trust and Payroll Tax Return. Our in-depth knowledge of latest tax laws supports clients in mitigation of risk related to non-compliance.

  • Form 1040, 1040EZ, 1040SR, 1040NR
  • Form 1065
  • Form 1120 - Partnerships
  • Form 1120-S Small Corporations
  • Form 990 - Non-Profit Organizations
  • Form 1041 - Domestic Estate or Trust
  • Form 1099 - Payment to independent Contractors
  • Form 706 - Estate & Gift Taxes
  • Custom Processes, afterall, every client is different!
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Our Services

Tax Preparation Solutions for CPAs/Accounting Firm across USA


Arrangement of source documents in digital file cabinet / portal


Prepare tax calculation worksheets

Data Entry

Entry or Import of tax data into taxation softwares


Preparation of draft tax returns


Review of documentation along with you

We support our customer with our methodical and detail-oriented approach specialized staff to process the tax return and well explained work processes and papers irrespective of whether you use Lacerte, UltraTax, CCH, Pro connect, Drake or any other tax software. We are highly confident in reducing our review time significantly which allow you to focus on adding more customers to your work profile and enhancing the size of your business.

Our internal organization processes make sure the continuous learning of our staff so that we can remain u to date while offering tax return preparation services to our customers. Our professionals are aware of the recent tax law changes due to the Job Acts and The Tax Cuts of 2017. Our sleek training work procedure ensure that our experts remain in pace with the latest software, technology and workflow processes to increase on-the-job efficiency for tax processing.

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