Frequently Asked Questions

Ambit's offshore staff are available for about a third of the conventional salary paid to local staff. Besides, it does not require infrastructure development at your office due to remote working. There are no-cost recruitment or training cost involved. There is no liability of compliances, Medicare, or other benefits. Also, it is not required to pay bonuses or overtime charges. Hence overall, counting various direct or indirect benefits due to remote staffing, 75% saving on labor cost is just a conservative number.

When you hire a remote staff you will have to identify the requirements at your end. However, just like any local employee, a remote staff can perform most of the tasks related to Simply put, pay per click (PPC) is a way for businesses to increase their traffic through payment instead of organically. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Monthly accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Statements (review, audits, compilation tasks), Billing - Bill Payments, Billing Collection, Follow ups and other administrative tasks, Other Office Admin tasks

Yes, in order to provide the best quality service to our clients it is important to have well-trained staff. We have a state of the art (in house) training facility with dedicated trainers. We have 15 different modules of training which include English communication, Soft skills, software, and technology used in the American accounting industry, etc. We continuously keep upgrading these training modules according to the latest industry trends.

Yes, we usually hire only those candidates who have relevant experience of US GAAP, IRS, and other regulations. All the staff at Ambit is trained in US accounting, tax code, and preparation of returns in the US context. Local experience in Indian accounting, tax, or financial industry is not counted. However, we let the clients interview and test each staff and be assured to have the best person working for them.

It takes anywhere between 7 - 30 days to get staff on board and start working for you, this time variance depends on the availability and the skillset required in a work as specified by a client.

Our Staff is available for all time zone 24x7.

Yes, Ambit provides a multiple option. In fact, Ambit's working models are flexible to suit all the needs of accounting firms of all sizes. Click here to read more (Working options table).

There are three methods that remote staff can use to access documents/information/data at the client's end: Remote access: Set us a workstation with necessary software and documents; allow remote access with username and password where staff can log in, work, and log out after he is done completing assigned work. Cloud/server access: Have the documents uploaded on the cloud or server where staff can access, work, and save the work done after completion. File Transfer: Send the documents to the remote staff through email or online transfer applications. The client will work upon that and send the file back for your review. You can use any of the three methods to let your staff access a particular file (document/information/data) and give you back the completed work.

There is no setup fees, we do not charge any fees upon setup or amount for setting up workflows.

Yes, we have very fluent English speaking staff at ambit, also at our US office it's our staff's native language.

At the time of signing up the contract, we provide our commitment to safekeeping client data in a written undertaking. We take every measure to honour it. In case, we fail (we haven't yet so far) at some level or a violation still occurs, a client is entitled to proceed legally. However, there has never been such an incident where a client found a breach in data security, which in itself speaks volumes about the level of commitment we show towards the protection of confidentiality that we are trusted with.

ISO 27001:2013 is an internationally recognized Information Security Standard published by the International Organization for Standardization. This certification is awarded to the exclusive organizations that comply with the information security guidelines of ISO and strictly abide by it at all times. Ambit is one such organization with this certification.

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