Reporting, Forecasting, and Consolidation, all in one place.

Ambit is an all-in-one place for financial reporting, forecasting, and KPI tracking. Perfect for presenting to the business, the bank, or the board.

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Engaging Reports

Let your data tell a story with our visualization.

Save time with our customizable and industry-specific templates.

Consolidate upto 75 entities with our consolidated Reporting tool.


Powerful Forecasts

Accurately map your budget, balance sheet, and cash flow.

Plan for best and worst case scenarios and reduce uncertainty.

Use drivers to see how until-based cost affect your future.

Move beyond Spreadsheets

Is your company growing? More complexity, more data, more questions to answer? Are you dependent on spreadsheets, which have become too complex? Ambit combines all your data and gives you the right numbers at the right time.

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Benefits for you

Automate your reporting and analysis and combine all your data in one place. Get the right numbers at the right time. Use our customizable reports or make your own.

Manage your budget and forecast process across your organization with budget models that support your business. Customize our standard models or create your own.

Ambit can consolidate actuals directly from your accounting systems and budgets. Financial data as well as non-financial data. Free up your time for better things.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We integrate with the best software

Seamlessly Integrates with Leading Financial and Analytical Systems. Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Sage 50, Google Analytics, Excel


Why Choose Ambit's Financial Reporting

Ambit offers customizable templates as well as enabling you to create any business structure you wish. This means you will never outgrow Ambit and you always have the solution you need.

Ambit can connect to any data source, so all your data is in one place. You can control what your users can see or do, which enables everyone to work with the same data, automatically updated, reducing the risk of errors.

Ambit can compete with any enterprise solution without the need for an army of fancy tools and high investments. It is extremely good value for money and also offers “out of the box” options for the smaller budget.

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